Driving Test Quiz – How Long Does It Take To Learn?

Test Your Driving Skills and Knowledge

Everyone wants to get their driving test passed as soon as possible. Because the sooner you have a driving license, the sooner you’ll be able to roam around freely in or outside of the city. You can hang out in your car without any kind of worry.

So, whether you’re a teenager or an adult who's finally decided to get a driving license, there must be one question on your mind: how long does it take to learn to drive? You'd better take our driving quiz first to see how much you know about the basics.

Well, there’s no rule of thumb for learning to drive, but according to the data available, it takes 20 hours of practice and 45 hours of professional lessons.

This article is going to help you get through the process of learning to drive and getting your license. You can even get by with fewer lessons if you know the basics. So from hiring a good driving instructor to getting yourself licensed, you will get an answer to every question here.

Choosing a Driving Instructor

Choosing a driving instructor is a crucial part of learning to drive. Because the results of your test will depend upon how much you’ve learned from the instructor and how knowledgeable you are about the aspects of driving,

Driving Test Quiz

There are many ways to learn to drive. The shortcut could be that you ask one of your relatives who’s a licensed driver. But it’s not professional, as he or she cannot teach you professionally. Also, the person you would be asking has things to do. So you won’t have much time to spend learning.

On the other hand, there are various organizations as well as private individuals who offer their services. You can go for one of those. They can teach you more professionally and will tell you certain behaviors to adopt in different types of driving scenarios.

Since their level of professional knowledge and experience will directly influence your driving, you can select from them by keeping in mind the following criteria:


The easiest way to learn about any instructor’s reputation is to ask your friends and family about him. or anyone who has been instructed by him. Or another way could be to directly ask your friends who have driving licenses about their instructor.


Don’t forget to check the professional education of the instructor you’re hiring. The instructor should be an approved driving instructor (ADI) or a trainee driving instructor


As we all know, driving instructors are very expensive, so choosing a reliable instructor is vital. Other than that, not having a good instructor can also affect your progress in learning. which automatically causes you to spend more money.

If you notice that your instructor usually shows up late, cancels classes at short notice, and gives more time to other students, you must consider changing the instructor.

Level of Comfort

It’s necessary for you to feel safe and supported while learning to drive. If you’re not comfortable with your instructor, your learning process can be affected.

You can determine this after a few lessons, and if you’re not comfortable learning with that particular instructor, go for someone else immediately.

Major Elements That Influence How Quickly You Learn To Drive

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Drive

1. Teaching Style of Your Instructor

The teaching methods of the instructors play a major role in deciding how fast you learn to drive. If the instructor is skilled and experienced, effective techniques will be used to make you learn quickly.

The different instructors use different approaches while teaching; some use the modern technique of computer simulation, while others prefer more traditional approaches and focus on theory and technical skills.

2. Natural Abilities and Aptitude

Natural abilities and aptitude play a vital role in deciding how much time it will take you to learn to drive. That’s why it’s different for everyone. Some people naturally have the capability of learning fast, while others' aptitude causes them difficulty in the process.

Age and gender also play an important role in this process. Just take your first step and trust the process. If you’re highly motivated and passionate about learning to drive, you’ll surely learn it faster than others.

3. Practice Schedule And Driving Habits Outside Of Lessons

Even the most experienced instructor in the world will fail to teach you if you don’t practice between lessons.

You can find a quiet parking lot for practice. However, you should do it safely. Even if no one is around, be careful. Don’t use cell phones or eat any kind of food while driving.

4. Road Situations

The more road situations you are exposed to while learning to drive, the more quickly you’ll learn. Different road situations mean how many times you have used different kinds of roads, driven the car in different speed limits, driven in the rain, and driven the car at different times of the day.

You can start by using simpler roads at the start and then gradually put yourself in more difficult situations when your skills improve.

Getting a Driving License

In the USA, getting a driving license is not that difficult. Due to federalism, each state issues its own driving license. Each state recognizes the other’s citizen’s license for temporary visitors.

To get a license, you have to take two tests. One is the theory test, in which your knowledge is tested. The second one is the road test, in which your skills are tested.

Hopefully, the above-given pieces of information and tips will help you in the process.