What Is a Bosozoku Car? & Japanese Bosozoku Cars

Bosozoku is the most unique and complex style of vehicle modification. The owners of Bosozoku cars are experts at modifying their cars. The word “Bosozoku” means “Violent Speed Tribe” or “Violent Running Tribe”. Bosozoku has the wildest drivers in Japanese society. The interesting thing here is that the modifications of Bosozoku cars are not limited to the exhaust pipes of 10 feet or front splitters, which are 5 feet long.

You can expect almost anything from a modified Bosozoku car. You have probably seen a Bosozoku car at least once in your life, either in real life or on the internet, and it’s actually very common nowadays. But this culture of Bosozoku is not a recent phenomenon. It’s been here for a long time and has traveled across continents and countries since its start.

It has also reached the UK and the United States, and you can easily see these cars on the roads. The reactions Bosozoku cars get are different from different people. Some people become angry and frustrated after seeing these weird modifications, while others fall in love with them.

The Story Behind Bosozoku Cars

The story behind Bosozoku cars is very interesting. It all started after World War Two. At that time, the condition of Japan is vulnerable. The years of war have caused a shortage of almost everything in the country. Everyone is struggling financially, and the whole country is in chaos. The industries are also rebuilding themselves and gaining strength after the war.

Bosozoku Cars

Alongside this, there are a number of military pilots in society. These pilots used to be respectable aviation experts and had a duty to rush to save the country during dangerous situations. Due to war, they have lost their positions in society and, as a response, they have created motorcycle groups which they used to call “Kaminari Zoku”, which means “Thunder Tribes.” Some people used to think of them as gangs.

They used to cause chaos in these tribes for the stimulation of the dangers they’d faced in their country. After that, in the 1960s and 70s, when they became older, they were replaced by the younger generation.

These new groups have caused even more chaos than the previous soldiers and have become violent. They live very differently from the rest of Japanese society and have their own rules. The interesting thing to note here is that they were not always the ones who loved violence. They are sometimes used to help civilians. By helping them cross roads or when they are stuck with their cars, they feel like they are doing some kind of social work.

Their high-level expertise in modifying vehicles has made them very famous and resulted in the formation of this trend. The Boszoku cars can be modified in any way, depending upon the creativity of the owner. So there is no thumb rule or a specific design for the Bosozoku cars.

10 Surprising Facts About Bosozoku Cars

Let’s have a look at the 10 most surprising facts:

1. The Paint Jobs of Bosozoku Cars Are Treated Like An Art.

The owners, as well as the designers, are very concerned about the paint job the car gets. A good paint job can not be taken for granted. There is proper planning for this purpose. Some of the most unique designs are shortlisted and then the best among them is selected. After that, the car is painted like an art piece. The paint jobs are used as a way to make cars uniquely different from each other.

Japanes car modding

2. Lowering Cars Is A Signature Car Design

All the Bosozoku cars can be identified by their signature design, which lowers the cars from the bottom as if the sea is wet. No doubt, many other cultures also use this feature, but the way Bosozoku has done it is remarkable. The interesting thing is that it’s not for the purpose of increasing the driveability of the car; it’s just their way of doing it.

3. The Focus Is On Appearance Instead Of Practicality.

Anyone can tell by seeing the Bosozoku cars that they have useless modifications, and sometimes they can even cause problems in the driveability of the cars. But Bosozoku owners are not bothered by this as their focus is on looks. If you want your Bosozoku car to be valued in the market, you have to show a lot of creativity regardless of thinking about practicality. It’s common for Bosozoku to go over the top and all-out when it comes to its designs.

This is also one of the reasons that turns off most people. They think it’s ridiculous to have such modifications. But if you dive down into the culture of Bosozoku and see the importance of aesthetics, you can easily find a room for appreciation.

4. Motorsports’ Influence on Bosozoku

There are different opinions about where Bsoszoku gets its influence from. However, no one has a greater influence on the Bosozoku than Motorsports.The design elements such as promotional decals, eye-catching colors, and splitters support the claim that Bosozoku was inspired by auto racing such as Motorsports.

5. The Distraction

Another signature mark of Bosozoku is the noise. To be counted in as a “Bosozoku”, the car has to be loud. loud enough to be heard by everyone when the cars pass through a public area.

6. Bosozoku Cars Appear At Night

Bosozoku cars are equipped with a lot of lights in order to showcase the designs that were made on them. That’s why night is considered a perfect time for them to come out. Also, the streets are deserted at night, giving Bosozoku enthusiasts the chance to roam around and enjoy themselves. According to Bosozoku car owners, their cars were much more appreciated at night than they were during the day.

7. Ignoring Traffic Regulations

Ignoring traffic laws and showing rebellious behavior are a part of Bosozoku culture. To discourage the reckless ways of the gangs, Japanese police had to conduct a crackdown on them in the past. It’s a thing of the past and very uncommon nowadays.

8. There is no restriction on the number of subclasses or fashions.

Under the term “Bosozoku”, there are limitless subclasses and fashions. You can literally modify the car in any possible way. That’s why there is no list of designs for the Bsoszoku car; everyone sees it according to the level of their creativity. Many celebrities have Bosozoku cars and every one of them has their own unique style and is recognized with a unique name. However, there are some genres associated with the stories of Japanese culture.

9. Prolonged Nose

One of the classic traits of the Bosozoku car is giving the nose a long shape. A long nose design is considered assertive on the streets. There are many other benefits associated with having a long nose in a car. One of them is the increase in the speed of a car.

10. It All Began With Motorcycles

As we discussed earlier, it all started with the military pilots who, for the stimulation of the dangers they faced during the war to save their country, formed motorcycle gangs and called them Violent Running Tribes.

When they become old, they are replaced by the younger generation, which is more violent. Eventually, these gangs started modifying the cars after motorcycles and started the new era of Bosozoku. The Bosozoku culture is now spreading all around the world.

We hope that this article has increased your knowledge of Bosozoku cars and that you have got the answers to all your questions about these cars. If you want to discover more about the Bosozoku cars and want to go into every specific design, you can get help from the internet. There are many articles on different websites featuring unique Bosozoku designs specifically and their features.

There are many celebrities who are the owners of the Bsoszoku cars, and some of them often make videos about them and upload them on Youtube. In short, if you want to dive into the world of Bosozoku cars, there are plenty of resources to entertain you.