What Is Laser Rust Removal? & How Much Does It Cost?

A rusted car will no doubt can be a nightmare for any car owner. When water is left to sit on the surface of the metal for a long period, oxidation of metal occurs which results in rusting. So whether you have a small part of your car which get rusted or you need to recover your old car from extreme rust you must have known the traditional methods of rust removal like fabrication, grinding, and cutting.

But as you are here you are also must be amazed by the video that went viral. In this video, the world’s first laser rust removal machine can be seen removing rust from a piece of metal smoothly making it a brand new piece. A long two-hour job can be seen as having been done in just a few minutes.  This revolutionary technology has amazed the people all around the world and everyone is looking forward to it.

A company called Clean Laser has built this epic machine called CL 1000. It’s a 1000-watt rust-remover.

What Is Laser Rust Removal?
Laser Rust Removal Process


The process through which this device changes a rusted piece of metal into a shiny object is called sublimation. In this process, the state of the metal is changed into a gas skipping a liquid phase. This has become achievable through using bursts of micro-plasma and combining it with shockwaves and high thermal pressure, it is set to a certain depth to remove the surface of rust. Other than rust this device can be used to remove almost any material layered over metal.

How Laser Rust Removal Process is batter than other processes

As we all know other rust removal processes require a grinding wheel, wire brush and a lot of time to restore a car. Laser Rust removal on the other hand not only cut down a huge labor required for car restoration but also also reduces the time required in this process. You can also call it Laser Ablation or Laser Stripping.


Laser rust removal is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • It uses a green technology which means consumables will be very few
  • Harmful chemicals are not used
  • Maintenance requirement is very low which increase the longevity after the process
  • Laser rust removal process is much safer than other processes as the person who is doing the laser rust removal process don’t have to touch any harmful chemicals or substances
How Much Laser Rust Removal Cost?
Rusted Car Needs a Laser Rust Treatment

How Much Does It Cost?

Unfortunately their is a huge drawback to this process. It’s not something that can be done in $50 to $100. It’s very expensive and is out of reach for most of the people. Even the cheapest version which is very less powerful (20W unit) starts from $80,000. And the one which can be seen in the viral video will cost you about $480,000. So, maybe you have to give up on this idea for now as it will be not affordable for you. But don’t worry like the ritual whenever a technology comes it is expensive at the start but than become very affordable. Fortunately there is also a hope for Laser Rust Rermoval process that its prices will drop in the future and it will become affordable for common people.