Car Worth Quiz: How Do I Find Out What My Car Is Worth?

Car Valuation Quiz & Best Online Tools to Value Your Car

Do you want to know the worth of your car so that you can sell it at the right price? Or you just have a curiosity to know how much your car is worth. In both cases, this article is going to help you. You can also check your basic knowledge about cars through our car worth quiz given at the end.

The demand for used cars has been dramatically increased during recent years. According to the survey, about 43.4 million owners of used cars are changed between the third quarter of 2020 and the third quarter of  2021 alone in the USA. Therefore, it's always a profitable idea to find the worth of your car before selling.

So, the question remains. How exactly you can find out the worth of your car? There are several ways to find out the worth of the car if you have a plan to sell it in the market. But the quickest way is to use online tools. These tools will help you to calculate your car’s worth. But before, let's take this Car Worth Quiz now!

How to find out the value and price of your car using online tools?

There are various tools on the internet to calculate the car's price. But the most popular and most common tools you can use are given below before taking the Car Valuation Quiz:

Car Valuation Quiz
Car Valuation Quiz
  1. KBB (Kelly Blue Book)
  2. Edmunds
  3. NADA (National Automobile Dealer’s Association)

All you have to do is to put some basic information and you will instantly get an estimate. Remember it's not the exact estimate if you go to the market you may get slightly lower or higher results. Let’s see into all three of them so that you can determine which tool is suitable for you.

KBB (Kelly Blue Book)

The value provided by the KBB is made keeping in view the market trends in the US. The results given by this tool are based on the mileage, color, make, model, etc.  If you have a plan to sell the vehicle this tool also gives an instant cash offer based on value.

The results are made keeping in view the current sales trends in the marketplace. But these ranges are not specific to one location. You can also determine the condition of the car by using car condition quiz.

How to use it?

It’s a straightforward tool it asks for some information about your vehicle and by putting in the information you can get the estimated worth.


This tool is considered more competent than KBB because it uses in-depth information like accidents and other damages to determine the worth of the car.  Its valuation is based on the actual sales and gives you pricing based on your location. Like, how much people are paying for this vehicle in your area. This will help you to determine the potential value of your car according to your own area. By using Edmunds you can also shop for used cars and also see the new pricing of cars.

How to use it?

Likewise,  Edmunds is also a simple tool. You will give basic information about your car and get the valuation. The only exception is that Edmunds provides you with location-specific valuation.

NADA (National Automobile Dealer’s Association)

If you are working with a dealer and want to know the worth of your car to make a sale then this website can be helpful for you. This is issued only to the dealers of NADA so it will not give you valuation directly.

NADA focuses on the wholesale price, demand, and current price of the car for valuation.

Which one should you use?

Car Worth Quiz
Car Worth Quiz

It’s not easy to tell that which one is the best or which one is more reliable. Because all three of them use different algorithms to determine the valuation and you can trust all of them. Probably the best way is to use all three of them and then your own judgment, but always remember these are just guides.

What information do I need to determine the worth of my car?

It doesn't matter which valuation tool you use you always have to put some information about your car. The more detailed information you give more correct will be the valuation.

You have to be fully honest while providing information about the car. Here is the following information you need to provide to get the estimated worth of your car.


No doubt, the condition of your car has a great impact on its worth. Some tools will ask about your car's condition using different categories. Read the description of the categories before choosing.


Features play a very important role in decreasing or increasing the value of your car. The tools ask about different features and custom equipment of your car. It includes custom sound systems, custom rims, heated steering wheel, leather seats, etc. Be honest while providing this information.

Make, model, year, trim, color, and interior

You have to disclose this information (like Volvo) about your car to get the correct worth of the car. If you are not sure about any of this information you can consult help from the owner’s manual.


If you ever bought a used car before, you know how much impact mileage has on the value of resale. The more miles your car has traveled the less worth it has. Therefore these tools also use millage for the valuation of the car. You can find your car’s mileage through the odometer present on the dashboard.

We hope that with the help of this article you will be able to know your car’s worth. We also have a car worth quiz below through which you can check whether you are prepared to sell your car without loss or not. This quiz will prepare you for using the above-mentioned valuation tools and also check your basic knowledge about cars.