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Test Your Knowledge of Car Maintenance

We know how frustrating car maintenance can be sometimes, but you have to bear this frustration in order to keep your car moving. If you’ll be able to keep the car's maintenance up to date, you could save a lot of time and money. Because small things like changing the oil and rotating the wheels, which may seem very useless, contribute a lot to keeping the car in good condition.

And if you have an old vehicle, these small efforts could increase your car’s life. In short, doing regular but small maintenance every now and then is worth more than you think. In that regard, we’ve made a list of 6 car maintenance tips that will not only keep your car in good condition but also improve your driving experience. If you think that you have enough knowledge, you can directly start the Car Maintenance Trivia Quiz now.

1. Change the oil

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In general, you can change your oil every 5,000 miles, but you should prefer the advice given by your car manufacturer. Now, changing the oil may seem boring and useless, but it could save you a lot of time and money. because oil problems are one of the most expensive to get fixed. On the other hand, changing the oil could be done for just $25 to $30. This amount is nothing against the risk of wearing out your engine, which could cost a lot more.

Oil changes could be done at home as well as with the help of a professional. In case you decide to change it yourself, you should know the basics, like how to dispose of old fluid, set the correct oil level, and drain the fluid.

You should, however, have knowledge of the oil best suited for your vehicle, regardless of whether you change it yourself or get it done by the mechanic. Deciding which oil is good for your vehicle generally depends on three things: your car’s mileage, the oil's viscosity, and the use of synthetic versus non-synthetic oil.

2. Checking of brake pads

Every time you check the oil, don’t forget to check the brake fluid. If the color of the fluid is dark, it’s time to change the brake system as soon as possible. With regards to the brake pad, if you ever hear the squeaking sound, your brake pads are most probably in their last stages.

For all four wheels, it’ll cost about $300 to change the pads. If labor installs it, the labor cost will also be added; it’ll depend on the labor rate in your area. The price may seem hefty for just brake pads, but the time and frustration it would save you in the future have no price.

Checking brake pads

3. Tire Rotation

According to the experts, you should rotate your tires every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Most people take the suspension system of their car for granted, not knowing that it’s a very essential part of the vehicle and contributes a lot to keeping it in top shape.

No matter what you do, tires won’t wear evenly on their own. Depending on the road, condition, and speed of your car, the front and back tires wear at different rates. which makes it necessary to keep rotating them from time to time.

Don’t get irritated by the idea of rotating the tires, because leaving them for a long period of time may cause some serious problems. You could have to change all four tires, which can cost up to $800.

4. Windshield Wipers

Don’t forget to check the windshield wipers at the start of each season. Don’t let the problem linger if the wipers are not working properly. If the blades are damaged or worn out, they can affect the visibility of the windscreen.

You can buy a pair of windshield wipers for $30 to $50; the price may differ according to your car's make and model. The price may seem hefty for something this small, but it really affects driving in the rain.

If your windshield wipers are not working properly, you can’t see the road, which is not safe at all. Other than that, leaving the damaged or worn-out wipers unchanged for a long time could also affect the windscreen itself. So it’s worth changing the wipers sooner rather than risking buying a new windshield, which can cost you around $500.

5. Air Filter

You should change the air filter in your car either every 12 months or 12,000 miles. The duty of the car’s air filter is to keep pollutants and dirty air outside of the vents.

Taking the air filter for granted and leaving it unchecked for a long period of time may also affect the air conditioning system of your car. which can cause you to change the whole AC system. And trust me, you’ll not like risking that.

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6. Battery

Don’t forget to test the battery in your car for corrosion twice a year. Corrosion usually looks like white or blue powder, so you can easily identify it. Usually, the terminals of the battery are affected. If you don’t clean it timely, the battery could develop a crack and stop working properly. You can buy a $5 brush for its cleaning. Don’t avoid this small thing; otherwise, you may end up spending $100 for a new battery.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you’ll surely be able to keep your car in the top position. The little things that we avoid doing out of laziness contribute a lot to our car’s condition. We hope that you’ve learned something new from this article.

To test how much you know about the basics of car maintenance, check out our car maintenance trivia quiz. Best of luck!