8 Best Car Wheel Brands You Should Buy Your Car’s Wheel From

Best Car Wheel Brands & Which Car Wheel Brand To Choose?

Wheels are often underestimated when it comes to upgrading car parts. People spent a lot of money on other parts of the car and forget the wheels which are the main source of the aesthetic look of a car. Installing new wheels into your car alone makes it look like a brand new vehicle. If you are one of those people who don’t neglect the wheels of the car and want to upgrade them then you are at the right place.

This guide will tell you which wheel brand you should choose for a car. Choosing the right pair of wheels for your car is very important as it will decide the look and future performance of your car. In that regard for your ease today we are here with the 8 best car wheel brands which offer some of the best wheels. It will help you to buy the best pair of wheels by yourself.

We also have a quiz at the end through which you can challenge your knowledge and check whether you are capable of buying wheels and other car parts by yourself or not.

Best Car Wheel Brands

1.    Torq Thrust

You must have seen these classic wheels in American racing. Their price is usually between $100 to $200. These wheels are also used in 50’s Chevy Bel Air, 60’s Ford Mustang, and other classic cars. The best part about them is that they come in all ranges and sizes. Torq Thrust was born in 1950 and remains the most iconic wheel design in American racing.

2.   Anovia Elder

Anovia Elder is available in Brushed Apollo Silver and Raven Black. With a Deco directional styling, Anovia Elder is constructed with A356+ aluminum. ArtFormed technology allows elders' weight to go down to 19.9 pounds. The lowest offset they have reached is 7mm. It’s a flagship model of Anovia Wheels. Avoinia Elder is available in sizes of 18 and 19 inches with widths ranging from 8.5 to 11 inches. This model starts with a weight of 19.9 lbs. Anovia Elder also offers wheel fitments that make it unique from other brands.

3.   Konig Hypergram

Konig Hypergram is available in  Matte Gray, Race Bronze, and Metallic carbon with a large range of sizing. They use Flow Forming Technology which helps them to become lighter and stronger. In the Flow Forming Technology, pressure is applied to the inner barrel of the wheel during its spinning. They have a 12-spoke design that is inspired by motorsport.

4.   Volk TE37

Volk TE37 is available in finishes of Gunmetal, Gray, Silver, Bronze, and Blue. These wheels are perfectly balanced between style and performance and suit almost every car. They were released in 1996 and the idea behind their creation is to make them suitable for both streets and tracks. Their 6-spoke design distributes the stress all across the spoke evenly. This feature is very helpful, especially during the rotation of the wheel. Silica and magnesium combined with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and a blend of some other metals have been contributed to the making of TE37.

5.   Gram Lights 57DR

57DR is among some of the best models produced by Gram Lights. The finishes available for this model are Blue, Bronze, Grey Blue, Gunmetal Blue, Gunblue, Gloss Black, Semi-Gloss Black, and silver. 57DR is a track-focused wheel with a 6-spoke design. This model was made keeping in mind only the one thing which is performance. 57DR can clear most of the big brake kits. It is made with very high-quality materials with a weight of about 25 pounds. If you are a racing enthusiast then you should add 57DR to your list.

8 Best Car Wheel Brands

6.   Rotiform KPS

The finishes available for this brand are black and silver. Rotiform is known for its best-performing and high-quality wheels. Having a split 5-spoke design KPS looks good on almost every platform. Rotiform use advanced casting methods which make their wheels very lightweight and strong. There are many configuration options available for this model.

7.   SSR GTX04

GTX04 is one of the high-quality wheels produced by GTX04. It’s a perfect mixture of style and performance. The GTX04 has a thin, concave, and multi-spoke design. The top surface of each spoke is made very thin to keep the weight of the wheel as low as possible. Different height center caps are used to reduce the thickness of the wheel. Face types offered by SSR are CV (concave), SMI (semi concave), and SC (super concave). Shot-peening is used to make this wheel more strong and reduce its weight by 13%. The GTX04 is available in Dark Gunmetal.

SSR is a reputable company with an attractive price range as compared to its competitors. If you want low-weight wheels for your car without compromising the quality you should consider GTX04. And yes, it would easily raise your car's worth.

8.   Work Emotion D9R

D9R is a successor of XD9. D9R is very famous among car enthusiasts because of its stylish design. Finishes available for D9R are Black, Bronze, Silver, and White. Having a deep-dish look D9R has a design of a 9-spoke wheel. A mild convex design of spokes allows space for bigger brakes. It is one of the most popular wheel designs in the JDM community.  It’s a mixture of both style and performance.

After you have read this article we are hoping that you should have known that from where you should buy your car’s wheels. Before hunting the next pair of your car’s wheels, don't forget to take our quiz which will test your knowledge about car wheels and other parts to help you shop the afterparts of your car like a pro.