Best Apps for Car Rental in 2023

Renting a car is no doubt a very difficult task. Especially if you urgently need a rental car to go on a road trip, commute inside a city for personal tasks, or have an emergency. In the past, to rent a car, people used to find the car rental locations and go there in person. They needed to travel from place to place in order to get a good deal.

This whole process is very painful, and nowadays, people don’t like this type of struggle. Due to this issue, there has emerged a need for rental car apps, and intelligent entrepreneurs have launched many. Now people can easily find the best deal on the rental car app by sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Best Apps for Car Rental

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top eight car rental apps for both Android and Apple users for your convenience. Some of them are dedicated only to car rental services, while others can also be used to reserve hotels and book flights. You can select any app according to your needs. Here is our selection of the best apps for car rental:

1. Turo

Turo has one of the most unique ways of providing car rental services. It’s a car-sharing platform where people from different states and cities offer their cars to you. Whether you need a car for a small amount of time or for a long road trip, Turo is the perfect app for you. Turo has a community of 10 million people ready to give you their cars for rent.

All the car owners on Turo are rated and verified. The prices are reasonable, and booking is very easy. So, whether you are an individual car rider or a car-sharing business, this app could be ideal for you. Turo also has pretty good ratings on both Android and iOS. On Android, it’s 4.9 and on iOS, it’s 4.8.

The benefits of using this app

  • You have to wait very little as compared to other apps
  • very reasonable as compared to other apps (starts at $25 per day)
  • You can choose the exact type of car you want
  • The app can be set up in a matter of minutes (creation of an account, uploading a driving license)

The only bad reviews this app has are from users who have rented cars from owners with bad ratings.

2. Enterprise

This brand has built its reputation in such a way that whenever people think of rental cars, Enterprise is the most common brand that comes to their mind. Enterprise is a famous brand that provides hassle-free reservations, and its rental app is one of the most famous car rental apps. This app is so simple to use that it feels like you are reserving a car in person.

The Enterprise app shows you a map of your surroundings and tells you about the nearest Enterprise location. After selecting a location, you can find a perfect match for yourself by using filters. The Enterprise car rental app is available in 7,000+ locations around the world. This app is available for free on both Android and iOS. The iOS rating is 4.9 and the Android rating is 4.4.

The benefits of using this app

  • The working of this app is smooth and updates keep coming frequently
  • Premium accounts also get bonus points
  • It has many useful filters to find the most relevant deals
  • It has excellent customer service
  • The cars available for rent are in outstanding condition

3. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one of the most affordable car rental apps. It breaks down all the information about the car for you so that you can select the perfect car for you. This app tells you the insurance info, fuel policy, and many more things about a vehicle to make sure you’ll get the right one for you.

In addition to that, Skyscanner is also a travel app that allows you to reserve a hotel, book a flight, and rent a car all in one place.

The benefits of using this app

  • This app connects you with the best deals on rental cars, flights, and hotels
  • Its custom search options are very helpful
  • It shows price comparisons between different deals
  • Users who collect miles also have a loyalty option
  • Also, suggest activities for your destination
  • The explore option is very interesting

4. Getaround

The Getaround app has many similarities with the Turo app, but this app is much more reasonable. You can also book cars directly from people instead of companies. This app has a starting price of $5 per day. In addition to that, you can also share your car and earn money. This app is free on both iOS and Android. This app has an iOS rating of 4.7 and an Android rating of 3.7.

The benefits of using this app

  • Prices are affordable as compared to other apps recently launched
  • The iOS app is more stable than the one for Android
  • A variety of cars are available for almost every budget
  • Cars arrive clean and with the pre-agreed fuel levels

5. Hertz

Hertz is easy-to-use and one of the most recognizable names in the car rental industry. One of the best things it has is the availability of plenty of locations across the USA. You can easily rent a car from wherever you want. It doesn’t matter in which part of the country you live.

Hertz sport car event
Hertz sport car event

Another exciting service available is that you can pick up and drop off from different places. With this app, you can manage the existing rentals while setting up new ones. Reward members can also open the app through touch ID and face to view the personalized profile. It’s available on both Android and iOS. Its Android rating is 3.6 and its iOS rating is 4.8.

The benefits of using this app

  • Reserving a car is very easy
  • You can see your upcoming trips here
  • By using SpotHero, you can find nearby parking easily
  • You can find the nearest location anywhere in the world by using this app
  • You can easily update and change your reservation

6. Alamo

Whether you want a compact car or a large family SUV, Alamo can be a very good friend. Navigation is very easy in this app, and you can easily find the perfect car for you. This app also gives you information about the seating capacity of a car, its mileage, and its storage capability.

To save time while picking up your rental, you can add your date of birth, driver’s license number, and more info about yourself. In addition to that, you can save up to an extra 5% on some of the rentals if you have an insider account.

The benefits of using this app

  • You’ll get a discount on base rates
  • You’ll get check-in and reservation reminders
  • You’ll always receive notifications for after-hour assistance and arrival
  • Customer service is very good and available 24/7
  • It provides gas station locations
  • The Tap-to-call feature is very helpful
  • If you have an Alamo Insider account, reservations are much easier

7. is one of the biggest names in the car rental industry. For the ease of their users, they have also made a mobile app available for free on both Android and iOS. On this app, you can compare the deals of almost 900 car rental companies, including some of the biggest brands like Alamo and Enterprise.

This app is also very helpful while traveling, as you can rent a car through it in 160 countries. One of the best things about this app is that it doesn’t charge any unnecessary fees.

The benefits of using this app

  • Cars from leading hire companies are available
  • offers the lowest price on most of the cars
  • No paperwork is required for pickup at most of the locations
  • All the details of your booking, drivers, and payment cards are available
  • You have access to every car at 60,000 locations worldwide


If you usually need a lot of taxi rides, car rentals, and car shares, SIXT can be an ideal app for you. This app is used in more than 100 countries, and the mixture of car rental, car sharing, and taxi rides makes it one of the best apps in this industry.

Sixt Logo

In addition to that, its filter options are very broad. You can filter out the cars based on car type, the number of seats, and even colors. It’s available for free on both Android and iOS.

The benefits of using this app

  • Easy-to-use
  • You can get different services other than car rentals
  • Worldwide accessibility
  • You can book a rental car in just a few seconds

We hope that this article will be helpful to you in acquiring a rental car. You can also check ratings and reviews to select a more reliable app from the above-given list. Best of luck!