Car Parts Quiz – How Well Do You Know Auto Parts?

Auto Parts Trivia Quiz – Prove Your Car Parts Knowledge!

If you are a car owner having basic knowledge about car parts and their functions is very important for you. An education about cars parts not only gives you a benefit when taking it to the mechanic for a repair but it will also contribute to buying a new car. Especially, if you prefer buying a used car you can easily check if all the car parts are working properly or not with a basics knowledge about them.

Although it’s not necessary for a common driver to know everything about every car part but the basic knowledge about some of the most common parts will help you to make educated decisions related to car maintenance and upgrading. Today we collected the list of most common parts used in every car and with a short overview of them and added a quiz about it!


The engine is usually considered the heart of a car. It’s because of the functions engine performs in your vehicle. You can’t move a car even an inch without the engine. If the engine of the car stop working properly the whole car has to face problems. Therefore it’s necessary to keep your car’s engine healthy through proper inspection from experts. Don’t forget to check your engine oil regularly. In case of any fluid, leakages consult a mechanic as soon as possible.

Engine covert fuel and oxygen into mechanical energy which helps the car to move forward. In today’s world, the most common type of engine is the combustion engine. This engine uses spark plugs to ignite the fuel and as a result pressure and energy is produced which causes motion.ow Well Do You Know Auto Parts?


The radiator keeps the engine of a car cool and prevents it from cooling. Radiators do it by using a coolant. A coolant passes through the radiator and exchanges the heat with passing air. Without the radiator, a car can be overheated which can cause serious damage to the engine.

To keep your radiator maintained check the coolant level twice a year. It can take a whole day to replace a radiator but is doable if you have the proper knowledge. You can use different guides available on the internet for this purpose. As each vehicle is different so do your research according to your vehicle.


Transmission work as an extension of the engine and channel the right amount of power to the wheels. For changing the gears and using the engine’s torque effectively a gearbox filled with gears and gear trains is used. Usually, a transmission has five to six gears used for controlling speed. Transmission is also used by pedal bicycles, fixed machines, and everything which involves torque and speed.

In a manual transmission, you start your vehicle with first gear and after gaining some speed you start feeling like your engine is facing difficulty in keeping the same speed so you change the gear and after that transmission plays its part.

In an automatic transmission, a driver selects a gear such as parking, drive, reverse, etc, and the flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate are used by the transmission to engage and disengage the engine from the transmission.


The electric components of your car are run by electric energy stored in a battery in a form of chemicals. It’s the most important part of the car as all the electrical components present in your car is dependent on the battery. Without the battery, it’s impossible to start the car. Some of the common terms which are necessary to learn if you want to understand batteries fully are:

Battery Capacity

A maximum out which a battery can give measured in amp/hours is known as the capacity of a battery.

Battery Terminal

Means used for connecting the battery to the electrical system of the vehicle are called battery terminals. There are three types of battery terminals which are L, side, and post or top.

CCA (Cold Cranking Camps)

It’s the amount of current a battery can supply to a vehicle.

Group Size

As its name shows it’s the size of a battery. The group sizes which are common are:

  • 25
  • 34
  • 35
  • 24
  • 24F
  • 51R
  • 52
  • 58
  • 58R
  • 51
  • 59
  • 65

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)

It makes a battery spill-proof and increases its ability to hold a charge. An absorbent glass mat is a design, in which a fiberglass mat absorbs sulfuric acid.

Before changing your car’s battery don’t forget to take trustworthy advice from experts.


An alternator is a part of an electrical system of a vehicle its charges the battery and gives power to other electrical components of your vehicle while your car is running. The alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy which results in the formation of alternating current.

The alternating current is then used to supply the power to the electrical system of a vehicle. An alternator also helps in recharging the battery by using the mechanical energy produced by the motion of different moving parts of the vehicle. Before using this energy for recharging the battery alternator converts this energy into electrical energy.

If your battery is swollen and stops working suddenly it means that the alternator has overcharged the battery. In this case, you need to consult an expert. Don’t try to do it by yourself because you can make it more complicated.


There are two types of axles front and rear axles. They are present where the wheel hubs are present and support the vehicle from there. Axles are also a part of a suspension system and transfer power to the wheels from the engine by using differential and transmission. They support the weight of each wheel and link them to the vehicle.

Inner and outer joints are present with a boot on each end of CV axles. CV axles face failures in case of a broken or leaking boot. Get the axle of your vehicle checked once after every 6 months because damaged axles could be dangerous for the wheels. In case, you want to replace the axles of your vehicle check on the internet about the ones that suit your vehicle because every vehicle is different.


Every car has a brake system that stops or slows down the vehicle. It also prevents the vehicle from moving when stopped. There are two most common systems of brakes which are disc brakes and drum brake systems. The most common parts of sic brake are:

●     Caliper

The caliper is found on the rear or front of the vehicle. Its main job is to force the brake pad against the rotor to stop or slow down the vehicle. It’s a non-rational component of a disc brake that contains hydraulic components helping it to perform its functions.

●     Brake Pad

A brake pad is made up of friction material pressed against the disc by a caliper to stop or slow down the vehicle. Another term used for it is brake lining.

●     Brake Rotor

A brake rotor is a disc shape component that revolves around a hub and a wheel. To produce friction for a brake system lining pads are forced against the rotor which as a result slows or stops the vehicle.

Brake drums and shoes are present in the drum brake system. Shoes with the covering of friction material are rubbed against the inside of a drum to slow down the vehicle.

Car Parts Quiz

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are very necessary for the safety as well as the comfort of a passenger. To control the up, down, and rolling motion of a car body shock absorbers are used. They are hydraulic devices used in the suspension system of every wheel. Depending on which vehicle they are attached with, they are also referred to as shock or strut.

A shock absorber has three functions:

  • Controlling the movement of a vehicle body
  • Moisten the effect of spring oscillation
  • Controlling static unbalance problems


The muffler is present at the start of an exhaust pipe and is responsible for reducing the noise produced by the exhaust system. A muffler does it by restricting the gas flow. It results in a much quieter ride. If there is no muffler in the car it will be very difficult for anyone to drive that vehicle. If you notice that you are hearing more noise than usual from your vehicle it means that there is a problem with your vehicle’s muffler.

Fuel Tank

A fuel tank helps in the storage of gasoline which is responsible for your vehicle's power.


Exhaust fumes from the muffler or catalytic converter are carried by the tailpipe.

We hope that this article will help you in the maintenance of your vehicle. Don't forget to take our quiz to test your basic knowledge about different car parts.