Car Logos Quiz – Which Car Brand Are You?

What Car Logo Are You?

Every car has a different logo that represents the brand of which the car is. In today’s world, car logos are not just logos but the symbol of a status quo. Different car brands and companies have identified this and evolved their logos with time to attract more customers. Today we are here with the most famous cars logos with their meaning, shape, and history. You can also attempt our quiz at the end to determine which car brand matches your personality the most.

Alfa Romeo Logo

Having one of the most classic automotive symbols, this company was built on the Italian tradition. The elements which are storied on the Alfa Romeo badge date back more than 100 years. The badges of Alfa Romeo were first made in 1918 by Romano Cattaneo. Except for a few simplifications that were made, elements of the emblem are almost the same today.

On the right side of a logo, you will see the Biscione snake eating a man and on the left side, you will see the Milanese cross with a white background. The Biscione snake represents the house of Visconti a ruling family of Milanese during the 14th century.

Quality, purity, and indulgence are represented by the colors blue, red, gold, and green, all of which are present on the emblem.

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Audi Logo

The Audi logo is one of the simplest logos any company can have. Despite being minimalist it’s a beautiful and meaningful choice. The four circles which you see in Audi’s logo represent the four great and oldest car companies operated in Germany in 1932. Brands of DKW, Audi, Horch, and Wanderer merged to form a company, what we know as Audi today.

At the start, these four companies are known as Auto Union, but the name ‘Audi’ was adopted in 1985 and Auto Union disappeared. Four circles in the logo of Audi are maintained since then. Some people also have an opinion that these four circles symbolize the four wheels of a car. Audi also gave signals to confirm this connection. If you are interested, you can have a look at our Car Wheels Quiz as well.

Bentley Logo

Although this luxury car is driven all across the globe, the place where it’s most famous is the UK. In 1919 its symbols were first introduced when Walter Own Bentley founded the brand. The wings in its logo represent the original name of a company, Bentley Aero.

The logo will make sense to any who knows the history of a company. Bentley also used to make rotary engines for planes during the first world war. The wings of the Bentley logo also represent freedom and speed today.

BMW Logo

BMW is the most famous car brand throughout the world. It’s famous for luxury and high-class products. BMW has managed to make an army of fans who would just be associated with BMW in any way.

There are differences of opinions on the meaning of its logo. According to some people, its logo represents the propeller of a plane and a blue sky as BMW used to make air vehicles. While some have an opinion that it symbolizes the original location from where the BMW has come from. It’s Bavaria. According to them, the emblem features a Bavarian flag at the center of a circle.

Anyway, it’s a famous, memorable, and easy-to-recognize logo.

Bugatti Logo

Most of the brand names were on the names of their founders. Bugatti also has the same case. The company was founded in1909, by Ettore Bugatti in Italy. Since then Bugatti is busy making high-quality and fast cars.

Despite changing ownership from Hispano-Suiza in 1963, to Volkswagen in 1998, its brand image and logo remained the same. There is an EB trademark of Ettore Bugatti at the top of the Bugatti badge.

When Bugatti died in 1947 his son was already died in 1939 leaving the company with no successor. The brand stopped its production for decades until another entrepreneur revived the brand again in 1990. Today, there is no involvement of the Bugatti family in the company but the logo of the company maintains the connection.

Chevrolet Logo

Known for making high-quality and reliable vehicles in various sizes Chevrolet is one of the most famous brands in the world. Chevrolet has updated its logo many times during the last 100 years. Its first version was designed by William C. Durant the co-founder of Chevrolet. He was inspired by the repeating pattern in the French wallpaper.

However, according to Durant’s wife the logo was inspired by a newspaper ad.  According to some other opinions Louis Chevrolet designed the logo in his parent’s homeland, that’s why it looks like a Swiss Cross.

Its latest logo is mixed with the colors gold and silver which shows the quality and reliability of Chevrolet.

Ferrari Logo

Like the Ferrari itself,  its logo is also the most influential in the world. The official name of Ferrari’s emblem is “Prancing Horse” or “Cavallino Rampante”.

According to the company, the founder of Ferrari has told the story of him winning at Savio Circuit and meeting with Count Enrico and Countess Paolina Baracca. They were the parents of a fighter pilot who flies his plane with a horse on it. Their son passed away and they give the owner the design and told him that it would be lucky for him.

The Prancing Horse with a yellow background has become the famous symbol of Ferrari since then.

We hope that this article will increase your knowledge about car brands and their logos. Don’t forget to take our fun quiz to know which car brand you are.